What’s New In Wedding Trends In Israel?

Almost everything evolves with time, be it the terms of marriage, dating rules or wedding trends. The terms of love and relationship may remain the same, but everything else in the universe is allowed to change. We went around and spoke with some famous wedding photography professionals in Israel to see what new has been added apart from photography booths in Bar MitzvahsJust like all other cultures in the world, wedding is a very colorful event in Israel which involves hundreds of preparations and many rituals. But coming generations are all set to re define the pattern and add their own imprint to it. It is no more an event about black hatted orthodox relatives, cheap liquor, mayonnaise doused salads and greasy chickens. It is something more elegant, sophisticated, and classy. There is also a part of crowd that wishes to go out of the league and get creative and colorful about it. So, other than looking for new trends in Israel wedding photography, here are a few more things you need to check out:

Lucite Accents: It  is one of the most rampant trends that has made its way into several weddings recently. You can incorporate Lucite accents into different zones of your wedding venue. Since it is a new trend, guests will be expecting it the least and would find it attractive. Just ensure that the font color shines bright against whatever background you pick.

Cards Escorting Champagnes: The escort card table is the first thing seen by guests as soon as they enter the reception. You can always replace the boring folded cards with a bubbly glass of champagne  with attached table assignment. It will be something to sip on as they look for their table.


Dimensional Wedding Dresses: If you observed the recent bridal runways you must have noticed the dimension attached to dresses with appliques. There are several types of appliques that can be added to your dresses depending on your choice. Any bride who wishes to make a bold fashion statement on her wedding can always pick something with this category.

Cascading Blossoms: You can now bid adieu to centerpieces and floral bouquets, instead welcome the trend of cascading flowers. These beautiful arrangements provide high versatility that is defined well by vines, branches, and foliages. These also represent a very beautiful way of including nature into your celebrations and give an appealing look to whole place.

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